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Electric Mosquito Killer

৳ 699.00
  • If the nocturnal bugs or insects are leaving you with sleepless nights,
  • then it is time for you to get Nashware Home Electric Insect Killer,
  • which helps to eliminate flying insects without harming your blissful sleep.
  • Manufactured to cover large areas, this product has an inbuilt high-intensity UVA bulb (consumes 6W power),
  • which lures large number of flying insects. In addition, the fan fitted inside engulfs the insects and thus killing them instantly.
  • This mosquito and insect killer is a very effective product for you and your family.

Mosquito Killer Lamp

৳ 349.00
  • Lighting: 220v
  • More energy-efficient.
  • Safe and durable to use
  • With Anti-Mosquito Electric Insect Killer
  • Standard Birdcage Shape Light
  • Made of high-quality material
  • International standard lamp holder
  • Strong electrical conductivity

Pest Killer for Mosquito and Flying Insects 12 w

৳ 1,699.00
    • Aluminum Frame Mosquito Fly Trap Pest Control Good for Zapped
    • Killed the Mosquito the Blue UV light
    • Charging Voltage: 220-240V Frequency: 50HZ
    • Grid Voltage: 2300V
    • Consumption:2Watt
    • Effective Area: 60Square Meters
    • Cable length: 1.1 m
    • Inner Box: 50*11.5*33.4 cm
    • Outer box:71.5*52*35 cm
    • SIZE-390*92*275 mm